Flash game Snow Rally

Snow Rally racing game 4x4

Test your skills comp driver in Snow Rally, Great 4x4 racing game!

You like to get to the heart of the action in super flash games fun? You will play with a mad passion that great flash game brought to your disposal. Here Snow Rally (Rally snow), a very fun flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games and car. Snow Rally is cover ad on our portal online flash game. The principles of this game are very simple and easy to understand, just the title tells you what it is.

Here's a game where ment to rally must slope of valer enneig with a small red 4x4. The game of runs between trees and snowmen. You have to drive your 4x4 while avoiding obstacles and collecting maximum points possible.

Your little 4x4 advance alone at full speed.

How to play Snow Rally?

In terms of game controls, use the arrow Left arrow on your keyboard to slow down and control your speed jumps. Court game, you earn points by collecting bonus points and climbing on tree trunks that dot the road.

Use ramps and trampolines to avoid obstacles and other trees and thus collect the toughest bonus points to be taken. Click the left button of the mouse or presses on the arrow Direction Up on your keyboard to jump. The attainment is simply sublime, the excellent band and the game is a very good playability for a very fun and very unique game!

If you're a fan of good action games and cars, hasten yourself to try this flash game that will give you cold sweats. You will not regret if you give yourself a try. A cover of an emergency!

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