Flash game Arnes de Mano

Arnes de Mano

If you're a fan of fighting games, this game street fighter will most certainly your happiness. Do not deceive yourself, this game has nothing to do with fighting games STANDARDIZATION s you had to play so far, your character in this game full of surprises control with buttons activation that are around him. Mene combat with slender and agile men who have mastered the basics of street fighting as a vt ran a commando surentraîn the region s. "Arnes de mano" is a fighting game where you must face your opponents in the carpet leading to fists and feet. Entering this game, enters the world of amateur street fighting and action now has more opponents all s rod as each other. Give a good lesson to the bully who is believed to be the world's strongest in a fight with bare hands, where it refers it comes to the point he will regret to be released before size is a measure has you.

Use the buttons around the character to help him move and be closer to his opponent. Your only goal is to kill all the enemies that pr senteront throughout the game Supports several times on the action button to allow your fighter to make combos. Gâts of the caus s, and the effect of your keystrokes area hang level your character.

The more you advance in the game, the more you become aggressive. Even your attacks can change and become more violent as the game There is a practice method that you can try before you get into the game Become an ace of the fight with the original game and survive as long as possible.

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