Flash game Axe Gang Rampage

Axe Gang Rampage game Arcade & Action delirant

Help the city is rid of the gang that terrorizes the population Axe Gang Rampage, arcade and action game! In this arcade game, the character must move in the city during that eliminates the enemy has ax. Criminals wearing the same uniforms composed of black trousers with a white shirt with black tie and hat throw themselves upon thee to t 'eliminate. Your goal is, of course all stop exterminating. Complete each wave before advancing forward and fast cars and buses that appear suddenly in the middle of the street. Massacre Axe gang saber in the street in Axe Gang Rampage.

You'll play as a man who ad terr the hatchet to tackle the most dangerous and the most dreaded of the city gang. Take control of the man in the streets of the city and you barrasse the gang ax. How to Play Axe Gang Rampage has? Use the arrow keys on the keyboard for you to place. For owners of a keyboard Rican am: QWERTY, use the WASD keys to shoot in four directions.

For owners of a french keyboard: QWERTY, we advise you to spend a QWERTY keyboard by pressing simultaneously ment SHIFT + ALT keys. If you are in this case, the keys are then fire WASD. Faced with the influx of increasingly dense enemy presses on the space bar to use your Burst Power and send dozens of machetes in all directions at once. You have to be very careful because you only that you receive once your opponent for you to die. Collects bonuses on your way to increase the power of your shots. To destroy certain enemies, you have to throw them several machetes.

Be quick to kill them before they kill you.

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