Flash game Balloon Invasion

Balloon Invasion action game, shooting and tower defense

D covers Balloon Invasion and destroyed balloons loaded weapons nucl s area!

You're a fan of shooters? D sires you play one? Then you are on the right page.

We are your disposal one of our best shooting games available online for free on our platform for fun. Welcome Balloon Invasion and behold, a shooting game that differs from others by its design and particularity. T you LIFTED to the rank of commander of the air arm s of the United States and you are sent on a mission with your team. Balloons of the arm carries an enemy weapons nucl areas which can be n auspicious for you.

Then you chargeras you to d destroy these balloons and do not let go. Of course they will crack and will send them as bombs grenades from the sky. Must therefore avoid being hit by the grenades they will drop on you if your chariot in which you give orders to your men may explode.

How to play a Balloon Invasion?

As weapons, you have a total of a battery of cannon and missile launchers earth.

To use it you click on one of the buttons 1 to 6 right or keypresses from 4 to 9. To call reinforcements has nothing, click on one of the three buttons to the left of the screen of the game or the keys from 1 to 3. Through a mouse is your target well, be well pr cis in what you do and pulls by clicking the left mouse button. To be paid, must win battles that will not work well videment all comfortable. Depending on your progress, you lioreras am your arsenal and block new missions. Do you think will win the war and return to h ros?

To find out just quickly play. Fun!

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