Flash game Be the slayer

Be the slayer a throw and shooting

Be The Slayer is a shooting game and launch in which a young girl is trapped in a graveyard full of zombies! She is a vigilante and must eliminate all those monsters very quickly before they reach it. Cr atures are very formidable. Help her to kill all the monsters very quickly. Arm s very sharp spikes, it must run its spikes the zombies to kill them.

If a zombie appears launches him a pike to make them disappear. The mission will be very difficult. To play use the mouse to point your picnic on the living dead. D latch your shots once you realize them. Zombies are very fast and out of everywhere.

You must act quickly and trigger your picks very quickly. Of the goal of the game your Roine h e is located in the middle of the graveyard and the monsters come from all directions. Concentrate and watches their stealth outputs. As soon as you start to see them, directs your weapon to their directions and click to shoot before they disappear.

You have to show a very large rapidity and good pr precision shooting. A life bar is displayed at the bottom of e the screen, if a zombie touches you, your standard of living decline. Avoid to touch you with their attacks not to lose the game very quickly.

You have to be faster than your opponents. D latch your shots with rapidity and precision pr unabated. Makes launching your spikes on them. Other zombies coming out of the tombs and want to tackle you. They look completely out of their hole to start your pic on them.

Especially do not lose the game. The more you advance in the game, the more zombies you will encounter will be very fast and deadly. Eliminate them all and frees up this haunted graveyard.

Good luck!

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