Flash game Canyon Defense

Canyon Defense tower defense game and action

D covers Canyon Defense Chat now to establish a system of defense for al id prot ger city!

S produced by the tower defense games? This game might make you dream like nobody's ever done. In this game, your main task is to establish a system of defense for al id prot ger your city. You have to establish your defense to anticipate the next attack ext higher.

Design Your defense of using diff ent tours available in the control panel, located right of the screen cost. Prevent your enemies from reaching the end of the tunnel. Once open a table will appear on your screen game with Lance strength of murderous attacks on your enemies when setting up your team fight for storing money and still collect a set of means of defense.

How to play Canyon Defense?

To play Canyon Defense, it is very easy! You will choose at first a strong level of difficulty in the range of Easy (easy), Normal and Hard (difficult) and in a second time click on the Play button on the screen of your game to start your game. Thou shalt call his prot ger multiple attacks with three variants of unit s defense that are Basic (basic), Advanced (sup laughing) and Buildinds (constructions). Look at the top of your screen and click on your choice to access der each of these three sectors.

So do not wait any longer to play this game now and show your address with your intelligence and your skills to score many points as possible. We esp Rons see you among the best in our address. Do not do tell, be the first to score no g ant exploits on this game still remains in attack position!

Good luck and good luck!

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