Flash game Columbus Pirate

Columbus Pirate adventure game brawl

Come quickly to cover Columbus Pirate, great adventure and fighting game!

If you loved the c lebre Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean when Columbus action game will definitely please you. In this version there is no question of seeking a very outgoing but rather to fight with the help of your sword against the other pirates at sea You're in the shoes of a pirate on his boat and you want to hold any monopoly oc year. To fight other gangsters, willing you a very sharp eg capable of single shot behead your enemies. To become the master of the oc year, you have to eliminate all the pirates that you will get in your quest across the seas.

Enemy pirates will not let happen, eliminates them one by one and make them great terror chief oc years to become a master of your turn oc years.

How to play in Columbus Pirate?

To play a Click with the mouse to move and jump to raft raft. The space bar will allow you to give saber has your opponents. Be quick and keen to not get hit first because if you fall three times in the water the game is over and you will be obliged to replay any of the goal.

Your score and the number of raft cup r s r are displayed at the bottom of your game screen to start the massacre, click the Start button. Be mercilessly and make no survivors. Watch other pirates who has now become the new king of the seas. To do this, you must be very brave young pirate and beat the big boss to take his place.

Pirate Columbus is an action game very int esting, the d cor is exciting with his music that transports you like in real oc years. Let's play good luck and good game

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