Flash game Commando

Reference of the commando action game arcade

Plays a soldier sent in full enemy territory in this arcade action game! Welcome dan action and percussive sound effects in the game Commando, a set of actions and the most murderous of time missions. Enters the action in the game Commando and go on a mission to confront the toughest they are enemies. You must take control of a great warrior and go to Germany eliminate Nazi soldiers shot grenades and guns. The soldier is very good spirits and it must deliver a mortal combat against dozens of enemy soldiers. Clamp your mouse to move the cursor to and guide your gun and shoot at the same time the enemy.

What keyboard do you own? If you have the keyboard am Rican QWERTY-type, use the WASD keys to steer the soldier and W to jump. If you have the french keyboard is to say QWERTY type, it is desirable to convert QWERTY keyboard by pressing simultaneously ing the SHIFT and ALT keys. In this case to guide the soldier uses the WASD keys to jump and use the Z Avoids grenade and gunshots enemies key because every time they touch thee with thy blood decreases and you can lose a life when you get a lot of hits. R Cupere the red object in your path, it will increase your blood and you shalt continue the game. Eliminates every time your enemies in a level and pass to the next level with success.

Remains very concentrated to complete all esp rer diff ferent levels qi up this action game. Enters the game by clicking Play and then click Start Game and starts the game. Eliminate all your opponents and crossed all levels r succeed brilliantly to your mission and go home. Be brave and confronts all the Nazis.

Have fun!

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