Flash game Cosmic Defender

Cosmic Defender a precision shooter in the air

This game puts you in command of a battleship charged to prevent aliens s questrer earthlings. Stop the alien invasion to save your brothers disorder in Cosmic Defender. Your countrymen are trapped in an alien invasion. Frees them in truisant of all enemy ships present in person on the card.

A map at the top of the screen indicates the position of aliens and that of your countrymen. Use arrows on the keyboard to control the ship. Support the space bar to shoot and use the S key to start the Smart Bomb that destroyed all of its path. Press key D to bring tl has a place on the map. Through several levels, the mission is to prevent the invasion trangere in year antissant enemy ships to prevent them from seizing all citizens of the planet you protected.

Situ in a top of the radar screen allows you to see what a place in the play area, the aliens are about to reach the surface of the earth. You have the priority g rer s trying not to leave thee border because the enemy attacks happen very quickly. To start the game, click the "STAR" button. For each alien you r has ussis eliminate, you gain a number of points. the abductor aliens and mutants make you win one hundred fifty points, the bomber will save two hundred and fifty points also takes on pots missiles to increase your score over a thousand points.

Do not miss any of your targets, with aims to pr decision to destroy the maximum aliens in record time and win the game. If you reached the 5000 points you earn a bomb, if you reached 7500 points you earn a living.

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