Flash game Cowboy School

Cowboy School game action and pistol

Become a sh rif West and save your city robbers in Cowboy School game of action and pistol!

Embarks on an action of the Wild West to restore order. You must be the fastest of all.

Aims to address and shoots without warning on mobile targets of placing in the old western town. The enemies come in waves. Eliminates all as quickly as possible before the next wave. Shade targets to suppress the wave and get a r compensates.

Look at the statistics to see your evolution compared to other leves of school! You love to erase targets near or far? So you'll probably appr cial that great flash game. Train to shoot faster than your shadow with Cowboys School (the school cowboys), available on the portal of free online flash games.

In fact, go to the adventure with this game that resembles in some ways has this Cartoon named e e The Adventures of Lucky Luck. Lucky Luck is a lonely cowboy who is to vou to justice. Its main mission is to catch criminals in his city.

How to play a Cowboys School?

To start playing, just click on the image of game principles of the game are quite simple. In a horn of Far West, you must achieve a reach all targets, not misses: a target rat e is a life lost.

The atmosphere is not the ore remains. Aim with the mouse movements and clicks to fire, finally do not forget to reload ammunition by pressing the spacebar. Focuses you and down these outlaws as fast as you can and do not let s' escape otherwise they will commit other.

Fulfill your mission to help the city and become their ros h. In short, the game brings you back into the past and make you relive a dignified atmosphere of the Wild West at the time of cowboys. Progress is exciting because each target shot is one step closer to victory and good action for justice. The game is worth much by the atmosphere of that guarantee that the concept itself! So definitely do not let your chance pass this test shooter and launch now in the adventure.

Lucky Luck become the new Wild West. Have fun cowboy!

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