Flash game Crazy Ball

Crazy Ball game of action and agility

D covers Crazy Ball and plays basketball with aliens like a champ!

D covers one of the best action games in Crazy Ball. This is an exciting game of basketball putting into evidence two aliens. Your objective in this game is to become the king of basketball.

You'll take more or less far to r succeed in your shots and very little time, you will undoubtedly become an ace Basket. To win a game, do get the basketball in the basket of your opponent as many times as possible. Ment ensured in this game funny, your role is therefore only to put the ball in the basket while avoiding your opponent to do the same in your basket ...

How to play Crazy Ball?

To play it is very easy! Click on the "One player" button to play alone against the computer. Choose the difficulty level that suits you.

Then you have 4 minutes to score more points than your competitor. If you choose mode "Two players", you can play a 2 on the same keyboard. To do this, use the arrows left and right of your keyboard for you to place, and up to jump. Just hit the pink ball with his head so that it bounces. D is a maximum number of times the ball into the basket of your competitor. quickly to do the same in your basket by countering.

The second player then uses the A to go left, D to move right and W to jump. A very good playability, superb graphics and excellent music make this action game a great time to tent. This action game is very fun, you'll definitely love the d cor!

Good luck champ!

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