Flash game Dead Rampage

Dead Rampage game action, shooting, and zombies

Trying to save your skin zombies in Dead Rampage, super action game, shooting, am of improvements and zombies!

You embody a survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse that instead of a motorhome, which unfortunately ends accident ... You'll be confronted with the living dead, a toi te d scramble to survive and build the antenna relay that would allow you to contact other survivors ...

Beware, if the antenna is of trout, your only chance to escape is r year antie and get lost the game! With exp experience and accumulated under s killing zombies, buy new more powerful weapons and increases your accounting skills to be more effective and faster!

How to play a Dead Rampage?

To play Dead Rampage is very simple, start by clicking on "Play" to start the game! If this is your first part, click on "New Game", if you want to keep a part of e ja started, click "Continue". For you to move, use the directional arrows on your keyboard (left and right to move forward in the direction of your choice, up to jump and down to interact with objects or d cor).

To interact with objects or d cor, you can also use the "S" key. To change weapons, use the "Q" key, and to open your backpack, use the "B" key. Kill the zombies before they truisent of the relay antenna, be careful because it is not their only target: if you're wearing them a e they will attack you!

You can put you out of reach by climbing the camper. Top right of the screen, you can see the waves of zombies and a timer will indicate the remaining time before the next wave. Take the dead time to progress in the construction of the antenna and to evolve your weapons, r cup rer of life, and am improve your skills comp!

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