Flash game Demoman

Demoman game action, agility and demolition

D covers Demoman demolish and have fun with your ad houses bulldozer!

Want to play a game of action? You lords of you to tread? Then you will be well served. We have on our platform of a game, one of our best that are available online for free for fun.

Welcome Demoman, a very nice game and superbly r achieve by design. In this game, you can amuse yourself and fully play the role of a worker for a company of demolition. This is a truck driver for demolition (bulldozer) and you'll be as you have well you doubt your mission will be to raze the old buildings of a city to build new. Then no jump aboard your neighborhood bulldozer and destroyed all the old buildings. For the first part of the game, your bulldozer is equipped with a ball to destroy the neighborhood level 1 but over more sophisticated te s game will be given other mat riel.

So no h sitation and destroys everything that is on your way.

How to Play a Demoman?

To play it is not very complicated, click the Start Game button and lands on a city map. Selected, your neighborhood and abuts the game. Crosses your neighborhood and serve you mouse to destroy the old buildings of performing with it moving back and forth on the screen of the game for each apartment building destroyed, you earn points.

Plus the speed at which the building atd destroyed and the greater the number of points win also. Be careful if you d passes a building without the d destroy, you lose the game automatically. Then concentrate yourself well and be pr cis of your blows.

Can you destroy the entire city to be r and compensate for your work? To find out just quickly play a Demomon. You can also invite friends to come play and beat their record.

Good game!

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