Flash game Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense strategy game and tower defense

Use of your Use Strategy to defend your base from the enemy invaded by Desktop Tower Defense!

Destroy a whole tiny arm e intruder attempting to break into your office, buy your gun with the gold pieces and target each year ANTIR intruders. Use grid of defense for headquarter and be quick before they r On success to invade your whole office.

Earn points increases your gold pieces in truisant of maximum virus and pass a level sup laughing. Buy super powerful weapons that will allow you to destroy all of a sudden a rank e virus and as you progress. This game is very similar to failures that require a lot of bending and r concentration prot ger King. Mine with the greatest minds on the planet or trust the computer to win the game.

The task will not be easy when your work is ninges m. You have to build towers of defense for prot ger your office is invaded by enemies who want at all costs to destroy the. The enemies come from all directions; then build towers on their way to eliminate. This game offers you the possibility to earn money and deliver a level your towers.

How to play Desktop Tower Defense?

The game is played with mouse only.

How many levels can you r sister? Releve of the fi and shows far lent you're going to split your office d. Classic and effective work has contributed to the achievement and the soundtrack is accompanied by very easy to access controls. Indeed, it is enough to d to place an enemy to make an attack to the body. Extremely addictive, the game is simply irr sistible, fluid and active r; whole game inspires a realization r e groomed.

Everything is served with a good back difficulties that enables casual gamers as the most exp rhyme s find their happiness through to the differently about difficulty modes are. I did not expect, but it is a great game that I highly recommend you. However, know that despite practice, to parties of more than a minute like a miracle and often the principle is, nevertheless, put your nerves hard evidence.

Concentrate and do not let you do!

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