Flash game Donjon Bomber 2

Donjon Bomber 2 game action and arcade

Trying to win the game in Donjon Bomber 2, great action game and arcade!

You're taken a sudden urge to play has fun games and fun without taking your head? Here is a flash game that will definitely please you if you give yourself a try. Donjon Bomber 2 is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games available and cover ad on our portal online flash game. The principles of this game are simple.

In Donjon Bomber 2, you find yourself in a dungeon or a simple prison. So your main objective in this game is as you get to understand all your best to t 'escape. To do this, you should just ask you bombs to spawn a passage in the level yard and go to the next level. You should also use these bombs to rid you of your opponents who are here who pursue you and those you find on your way.

This game offers you the possibility to play two if you want, what can be done with friends or the candidate of your choice.

How to play a Donjon Bomber 2?

In terms of game controls, the first player can use the arrows on the keyboard and the ENTER key to plant bombs. The second player can use ZSQDA keys: Z button up, S to lower the Q key to move left, D key to move right and finally the button to place bombs. The esth côt tick the pr game presents the best graphics ever. The sound effects are just perfect and the playability is pr feel. In a word to the achievement is just perfect.

D tired quickly part if you are a fan of action games of the genre. Let's play!

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