Flash game Donjon Bomber

Donjon Bomber Action game

D covers Donjon Bomber Chat now to eliminate your enemies with bombs!

You're a fan of games where you are the main actor? So it is with pleasure that you will play in this great flash game brought to your disposal. Bomber is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games. Indeed found the joys of Bomberman in Donjon Bomber, an ad action game cover on our portal online flash game. The principles of the game are simple.

But all of surroundings, you must choose your character among the many has your disposal. Choose one with the direction arrows on your keyboard and then throw yourself into a fight without a thank you with bombs. As Bomberman, the principle remains the same: you have to avoid enemies and eliminate all by putting bombs in their path. Spawnings your way and collect bonuses by exploding barrels you find your way through.

How to play a Donjon Bomber?

The game controls are as simple: use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move you from all directions as you wish. Supports the Enter key to place a bomb. The best part is that the game is all in French. From the point of view esth tick, the graphics are cute and color s and the playability is. The sound effects are also enormous.

A very good realization r. Bomberman fans will not feel the country s playing a flash game that this is in some ways a perfect recovery of Bomberman. I you're fan of games like that, or just a fan of good action game, tired of straight part and see what the game has to offer you; thou shalt not be to cu if you give yourself a try. You can even make your friends to enjoy.

Good luck!

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