Flash game Dough Bro

Dough Bro game action adventure

Dough Bro D covers and eliminates enemies with your dough cake!

Come to tender in Dough Bro, a great adventure game overexcited. The adventure game is a type of game vid o character risant games vid o est pr int which lays rant polarizes research and exploration, dialogue, r the solution of puzzles, Fairl t on the r flexes and action. In this great game you have to throw the dough cake to turn your opponents ball flour, embodying Dough Bro, a young disciple cake in a bakery.

All the essential pieces for the attainment of your t chip biscuits are a satanic intuition. Ingr all your ingredients are poss ds by spirits of moniaques. Cover them and let dough roll to the oven.

D Ground all ingredients ingr at other stages of the game while bypassing and suppressing hostile looking to harm you, barring you the way. Dough Bro is a very simple game.

How to play a Dough Bro?

To play, use the arrows left and right to run, and up to jump from tray to tray.

Supports the Z key to shoot balls of pasta on the face of these bandits. When you overtake them, they freeze completely. You have to avoid all enemies. We'll have to throw them at least 7 balls of dough for the faces they turn into a huge ball of dough cake.

Put yourself to the ball and press the Z button again to push the ball and try and Year ANTIR other opponents. crushes all enemies in each stage of the game, to keep the end a lot of cake to earn points. This game is really exciting and requires a lot of flexes r. A very cartoon music rythm e agr ble has the ear accompanies you in a very fun atmosphere. Good luck!

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