Flash game Earth Taken

Earth Taken a shooter against the space invaders

Earth taken is an action game whose objective is to semparer earth from the clutches of aliens. As illustrated in the name of the game in french'' the influence of the earth.'' Actually in this game, the earth is subjected to the fury of Mars that their e arrived on the planet that have wk terror and chaos. This is characterized by a rise foul atmosphere where the air became unbreathable, we are witnessing a massive scenes of destruction where men fall one after the other, it could be likened to the Apocalypse.

However, there is still hope, there are still survivors on the planet. One of these survivors cut the spread of government in which a repr feeling thereof declares that places t shelters established to prot ger population. From then, it must meet these shelters by all means while taking with him the ventuelles people he will meet along the way. It is for you to project yourself into the body of this character and to develop your sense of survival instinct as Captain Steven Hiller'''' in the movie "Independence Day" and you should be you rid of diff ent Martians you meet. The instructions of the game is simple, for you to place, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, S to jump in order to avoid obstacles, the R and A respectively reload and take the help of your weapon, the E to nourish and finally the Space key to search the corpses.

An arsenal of weapons and protection is put at your disposal to destroy the insane. We distinguish among other weapons such as pistols, submachine guns, a pump. You can also stock up on food in the game store Earth taken thus plunges you into the world of classic 2D action games, come participate in this virtual adventure and you can be considered as a ros r h human species in its fight against the aliens.


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