Flash game Etherena

Etherena an adventure based on shooting

Become a super fighter participant has great fighting games Mel! Enters the arena and choose your super h ros. All the characters are valiant fighters dot s super powers and combat capacity s unusual.

Each of holds cific and equally formidable and lethal skills sp. The tournament is a Etherena comp bution, similar to c lebre game Unreal Tournament, r combining martial art and supermen from all corners of the earth masters, or even other worlds. The aim is to unite the most powerful r read so to share the knowledge and the new champion of the arena gods. Brawler and embodies a commitment you in combat without a thank you through several diff rents arenas. Air combat are constituted s tiered platform where you can freely place for you and keep your opponent from road.

Weakened your enemy before ex cuter big blow to the automatically jectera the ring. You had your disposal a infinit techniques of super vastatrices combat. The goal will be to succeed in r diff ent survive your opponents and be the last one still standing on two legs. At the end there will only be one winner. Place for you to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Press LEFT or RIGHT to move you from one end to the other of the arena. The UP key will allow you to ex cuter jump to reach a higher platform, jumping can also allow you to dodge your opponents attacks. Finally, press the DOWN button to reach lower platform and then drop you.

Learn to master the playability with each character and play with each of them to cover each time a new style and a sc nario differ. The battle begins!

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