Flash game FA-18 Hornet

FA-18 Hornet and fire fighting game fighter

Take the controls of an FA-18 Hornet, c lebre fighter to fight the enemy! In this fighting game and warplane shot, the FA-18 is a fighter, arm missile: this plane is super powerful. Takes place in the cockpit of this fighter and truis your opponents.

Do you think you have what it takes to fly an FA-18 Hornet has Saharan Force? Here is your chance to fly on one of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world s. Tone of fi is to go through your basic training Fighter then put your skills comp has the evidence on a mission to destroy airplanes and enemy bases. You have a training part and a mission sp cial part. Do you accept the d fi? How to play a FA-18 Hornet?

The game is played entirely with the mouse. You will be a form has riennes shoot targets, ground targets, and avoid the Missill. In training shooting air based targets, you have ten seconds to get a lock on enemy aircraft missiles. You're in control of a very powerful jet fighter F18 Hornet. Take care to you in the air as your enemies will seek to make you explode in midair if you do not get to them before barrasse. A whole bunch of bonus and varied s will appear on your way to help you in your quest to know how to use it wisely.

On board your fighter FA-18 r ussis annuities diff s ances training which award you're brilliantly to master your fighter and diff annuities s functionality. S ances after the training you'll be able to engage you in the diff rents missions against your opponents, this time, although r LIVE: So use your arsenal composed of missiles and machine has to carry your goals. Good luck pilot!

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