Flash game Fat Santa

Fat Santa game action, arcade and Christmas

D covers Fat Santa and help Santa to grab something to eat!

You do not like play games when you find yourself in the heart of the action? If you are looking down on the game r flexes out of the ordinary and well I think your quest is ending. You'll certainly appr cial this great flash game brought to your disposal.

Fat Santa is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games. The principles of the game are simple and the context is a little funny in itself. Here's the whole story.

Father Christmas as we all know is greedy, your mission is simple, you have to help him catch the bread of spices, of barley sugar and even gifts. But beware bogeyman!

How to Play a Fat Santa?

The game controls are equally simple. For you to put in the snow field uses the direction arrows on your keyboard. Thus, you need to anticipate the commands, do not get tangled in the brushes what is bad in this game asks you that the music is a little rp itive, but the atmosphere of the festival there east. Fat Santa is a very addictive hobby quickly and illustrations as well as the soundtrack, give the title a stamp at once strange and ger.

This scholar m lange give rise to intense moments of flexion for r d finish establish order in which this mix. Exciting and intoxicating, the pure s graphics and very good playability of the game will relax you and bring down the emmagasin stress. Fans of the genre might appr cieront this game very addictive and really nice. This is differ but it's good to change a few times.

The concept is just perfect. A certain charm to the game, you should try without further delay. Good game!

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