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Fierce Fighter game action fighting 100%

In this game, you play the role of c lebre martial arts actor Bruce Lee. As master of kung fu and Karate, you learned combat techniques and of formidable defense that will allow you to kill your opponents. You'll face samurai warriors arm s saber and you must fight a bare hand in Fierce Fighter. Your feet and your hands will be our weapon. You'll have to face many enemies very formidable one than the other and go to the end of this adventure.

You embody Bruce Lee, master in kung fu and you have to face many enemies. Use arrows keys to move your d h ros. When approaching an opponent, use the WASD keys s combined with the arrows on the keyboard to attack your opponents and ex cute shots sp cial. Give kicks and punches to eliminate your opponent. Performs great sequences by combining several keys you attack and kill your opponent quickly.

The more you advance in the adventure, plus you meet very tough opponents. Use your quality s mayor in martial art has come to the end of your enemies. Use a good tactic to combat and defense. Waiting for your opponent makes a move to counter attack and follow up with a super powerful response chaining shots simultaneously s who are going to destroy very quickly.

Above the screen, the yellow bar indicates your level of r Success, keeps an eye on the bar in the fight for control your standard of living. If the bar reaches its maximum level, the word Skill appears. Then you can ex cuter shots sp cial.

When word Kill appears you can throw your deadly attack. eliminates all your opponents to win the game and continue your adventure.

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