Flash game Flesh Fighter

Flesh Fighter, a shooting game-fight

Flesh Fighter, a game in the middle of the space where you will have delivered you a fierce battle f the media laser shots. On board your spaceship combat, go to a covered space in this Thurs D be rolling in intergalactic space is nothing, of ORITES mt and enemy ships come from all sides and head to your spaceship. In the combat zone, guide your spaceship in all directions using the mouse and click to launch missiles at enemy aircraft. Orites mt dodge enemy missiles and not to diminish the power of your ship. D latch of sequences of missiles quickly by clicking on the left mouse button. This action enables you to launch several missiles at the same time, so you'll be able to destroy enemy aircraft and ORITES mt.

For each target you destroy r ussis ad you can earn points. Enemy ships head speed in your direction, quickly collide with them, makes no pretenses to being hit by cannon balls they throw you. Control the level of resistance r of your device on the right side of the screen. The vertical bar indicates the power of your machine, the more you receive enemy fire, the more it will drain. The enemy attacks are very formidable, they come in many times and cast off missiles in your direction, click on your ship to take control and the site to dodge enemy missiles and ORITES mt.

You focused, keep the d s investments performed by your enemies, also mt control Orites coming in every sense, playing on the mobility by making rapid movements with the mouse to change the trajectory of your ship, makes your shots to pledge for your space. R ussis down a maximum opposing vessels without touching you, the more you advance, the more enemy ships attack in numbers and will be very fast, wins by all of truisant. You're in midair mid mt ORITES and enemy ships. Your role in this game is to explode maximum mt ORITES and vessels, because the more you explode, the more points you rack up. Move the mouse to control your ship, click the left mouse button to shoot your enemies. Your standard of living is represented feels right of the screen by a vertical bar, the more you will receive impact, the more the bar will drop.

Your ship is represented by red cot feel of this bar, and it will flash red when your ship is lent explode.

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