Flash game Free Lancer

Free Lancer game action, fighting, adventure and agility

Pars adventure in Free Lancer, a great action game, adventure, fighting and agility!

Free Lancer is a game of action and combat in which you embody a valiant fighter Ninja. A ninja is a spy Warrior straight from Japan, it is a mystery character rieux.

Dressed in black and cagoul, the acrobat known to play pitfalls of m singing style. Ninjas are known to be fast, invisible and deadly. The battle of rolls in Japan m di val.

Warriors invaded your village and your crown alli s one by one. They are progressing and will soon take over the throne of your village. All hopes of your tribe based on your bravery and your body art body bout. Put on your arm holding his sword fighter and go rus s face opponents in a street fight style. Cup them with your pe or maintain them at a distance. Put yourself in the shoes of a Samurai or a ninja and you must complete several missions and climb levels sup laughing.

Free Run is an action game, very easy to play.

How to Play a Free Lancer?

Use the arrow keys left and right for you to put, high jump and down button to strike with the sword. D develops your ability's all in the training and become a true fighter. To laugh to play, just click on "Start the Game" button and then the "Start" button. Seeks to keep you alive as long as possible in this game Your life bar appears at the bottom of the screen on a red ribbon.

More enemies you deleted more points you rack up. The point gained s appear at the top, left of the screen. Save the honor of your tribe and eliminates all other opposing ninjas.

Maybe you will become the new master ninja of all time. Good luck and have fun yourself!

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