Flash game Gangstas

Gangstas of the reference simulation game gangster

Welcome to Gangsta City, a game Use Strategy and Simulation gangster life. Your goal is to be alone or as a team, the guy diff ent neighborhoods starting to conquer new territories. But for this, it will build strong alliances, and an arm cr er e worthy of the name. Then you can build buildings and exploit the wealth of a country.

Well obviously you're not the only one, soon you'll have to fight to defend you and other gangsters to achieve your purposes and has lead your gang to victory. You have 365 days to earn respect in this city. To do this, help yourself Menu below and your state from above. When the time will flow, the amount of respect that you're having, is to complete the final judgment. You embody a small strikes a matter of stumbling in the mafia business, lent everything to become the num ro a gangster in the city.

All played with the mouse. At the top of the screen, you find your stats respect, strength, health, money and intelligence. Top right, the number of days you have left. At the bottom of the screen, the menu offers you diff annuities actions: house icon allows you to go home to rest.

The second icon with the guy offers you a whole bunch of missions, beds, robberies ar succeed to win money and respect. The icon with the revolver gives access to the armory where you can buy new weapons. The hospital icon allows you to buy strength and intelligence. The icon with the fist gives you access to the arena of combat.

Bet on yourself and win the fight to pick up the loot. The flask chemistry allows you to buy products exp rimentaux cheap. Finally, the Bank icon allows you to inflate your tr Cash Flow of $ 10 000 at once.

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