Flash game Gladiator Castle Wars

Gladiator Castle Wars game of ancient combat

Gladiator was a fighter with a pe arena in ancient Rome.

It's fighters battled each other in arenas to satisfy or please the notables and dignitaries of the kingdom. Men were killing the show for the pe front of cheering crowds. Most tm rary s were noticed and made fighters king. In this parody available on this site free games, it comes to a gladiator to save the princess from the clutches of Cr atures tn many.

The game that is subject to your appr ciation is programmed 3D isometric metric and placement of Gladiator is followed by a camera.

Of your investment is multidirectional, the d cor plant is in an ancient universe if not m di val. Gladiator Castle War is the character that you have to bring your help to achieve its objectives. Barbus is the supervisor of the ar na, it is to make you impossible mission.

You have to talk to him to fight for the purpose of stumble your battle. Harness the arrows on the keyboard to walk. When you're on the battlefield, press the Z key to jump and X to attack. Outside the combat zone, you can talk to a person using the X button Supports the C key in the fight for you prot ger. Konrei is the dealer of weapons with which you will have to haggle to equip and improve your arsenal am to kill all your opponents in the arena.

In wooden box, you can store your possessions and your weapons. Accepts battles offers you Barbus gladiator. Thou shalt team with another warrior, tempt you with it to defeat all your opponents a saber or ax. Each battle won will earn you the ECU with which you can supply you with new weapons.

The graphics are beautiful and r ussis, superb and varied soundscape s fighting. Let's play!

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