Flash game Lost Sweeper

Lost Sweeper action game and aerial battle

Invasive race came conquest er your planet and all its inhabitants antis year.

Exile yourself to another planet to find strength, raised an arm and back cant e conquest r cup rer your native land and become the noble lord. Customize your knight in giving it a name, choose the color of his armor, choose your future enemy.

Make him a man or a woman. S selects the planet in which you're going to fight and fed your adventure to go with your arm strength e. Challenges and deadly clashes are your favorite hobby? Then you'll love this great flash game. Indeed, you must face in arena cr atures space in Lost Sweeper. Lost Sweeper is a fighting game available on our portal online flash games.

Alien species gradually takes control of your planet. You embody a knight and you have to go into space the search for a new planet. To do this, you'll have to face many cr atures in combat without thank you or the outcome is uncertain.

How to Play a Lost Sweeper?

The game is played only with the mouse. From the first screen, click Menu, which is at the bottom left to access der several interface GalaxyMap to view the map of the galaxy, Quests to start a quest, Status to view your information and finally Tournament to fight diff ent opponents in tournaments. Once in the arena, click the Attack button in the menu at the bottom left of the screen to access the diff der different types of attack your disposal. Click on the button to deliver you Potion magical fluids, Magicte button allows you to use your magic powers and then click Run if you would like to flee the fighting. Indeed when things are not looking good, better run away and retry your luck again before it is too late.

But the best is still to do your best not to lose and so do not have to flee facing your opponent. Do not forget that you're down to your people may have a new planet in which s' establish. Tell yourself that if you lose, you and your people are lost because you do not live or have.

Do not let you do and good luck!

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