Flash game Martian Madfish

Martian Madfish action game and agility

D covers Martian Madfish and embodies a martiel fish should fly as high as possible out of the water!

Action games are your favorite hobby? Here is one that will make you live a good time.

In Martian Madfish. In this game, you incarnate a Martian fish and fly as high as possible above the water. Martian Madfish is an action game delusional cover ad on this portal of online flash games. To start the game, just click on the image of game principles of the game are very simple. In this rather original action game, you have ex cuter jumps the highest possible before the water level reaches its lowest level. To arrive at your goals, you have to swim to the bottom of the pool, then back up to the surface very quickly to jump out of the water.

How to play a Martian Madfish?

To play, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move you to: the top button to move the button from left and right to turn. Once out of the water; then remains to press the space bar to fly as high as possible. Fly your product r level of energy indicated in the bottom left of your screen game To increase it, he'll just pick a time in the air gas bubbles blue and red color that will make you swim faster and jump even higher.

Filled the diff rents missions you will about art over the diff ferent levels of this game The gameplay is excellent, the graphics and animations are great and the game full of hidden surprises cover ad. A very fun game and very speed to try emergency without delay. An int exp experience as invigorating as a ressante miss under no text pr!

D fed a party and see how far you're ready to go. Have fun!

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