Flash game Metal Armor

Metal Armor war game and tanks

Take the control of a tank and try to win the war in Metal Armor! Metal Armor is a war game in which you have to fight against tanks, soldiers and h licopteres in enemy territory. Get in your tank and shot many possible opponents. Make use of your weapons sp cial and tries to survive in the face has many fighters on-arm s. Take the controls of a tank and truis the enemy has an arm cannon in Metal Armor, an action game. It is a tank game in which you have to face many enemies. So you have to put you sneak and open fire as soon as possible on the enemy tanks that are not there to make you gifts.

The game is not as easy as it looks and requires cunning and rapidity. S quality of any good tank driver must poss der! eliminates all your enemies to bosses to the next level. Collect bonuses on your way to improve your attack am.

How to Play a Metal Armor? A great war game and tank with lots of action. For d abut the game, then click on the s selects your language and finally click "Play" to go into battle "Click Here to Start" button. Press the J key to shoot with your cannon. For owners of a QWERTY (keyboard am Rican), use the WASD keys to drive the tank in all directions.

For the owners of an AZERTY (french keyboard) keyboard, it's advisable to go with a QWERTY keyboard by pressing simultaneously ment SHIFT + ALT keys. If you are in this case, the control keys are then WASD. If your enemies come in large numbers to assi ger you, help yourself to the K button to call the rescue a licoptere h so that explodes enemies of the surface of the battlefield.

Good luck soldier!

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