Flash game Old Angry Wizard

Old Wizard Angrey action game and agility

D covers Old Angry Wizard and plays a magician who must fight evil cific strength!

For all fans of action games, you'll quickly love this game titled Angry Old Wizard that offers true moments of pleasure and of tent. You'll have an ANTIR hordes of evil enemies who attack you cific. Immerse yourself in this world of struggle and suspense and am facing a terrible opponents. You have to be fast and lively to defeat your opponents.

You must know that during the fight, you can not hit an enemy when you attack. Also know that you lose strength every time you jump or you fight. To overcome this, you have to go catch the pills falling from the sky not to die of a heart attack.

In terms of graphics, it does well and the visual and sound effects are also very addictive and plunges you into a landscape of struggle and adversity. To play, you have to be well prepared to face these evil hordes who seek cific What you slaughtered. Do not forget to take the pills that come down from heaven as they will help you a lot better tone for combat.

Be careful, your standard of living will impact every time you will touch by your opponent, so you can see at the top right and better measure the progress of the battle.

How to play at Old Angry Wizard?

M for the mechanism of the game, should you use the directional arrows on your keyboard to your investments d. To skip button you can press the A button to kick of pe must you press the S button, now you've got your affine Use Strategy. Do not miss another second of cover for the game Angry Old Wizard will be your new companion. D trust your friends and show which of you is the Master who can cope with the hordes.

Good game fun yourself!

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