Flash game Panik in Chocoland

Panik in Chocoland arcade game of agility and platform

Trying to finish all the levels Panik in Chocoland, a great arcade game of agility and platform!

You're a genuine v adventurer, you'll like this flash game has e chocolate flavor. You're the dext laughs and you love to fly like angels, just a little try this beautiful game "Panik in Chocoland" is an adventure game adrenal realistic. In this game you go into the skin of a round character with wings, flying like a little white angel.

The principle is simple: you must r cup rer all bombs chocolate available in the compound level multiple platforms. For r cup rer bombs, you must just touch and it's played!

How to play Panik in Chocoland?

To direct your character ang metallic, uses keys fl ch es on your keyboard up, down, left and right. To jump from platform to platform, use the space bar. So you can jump and r reap all the beautiful bonus level.

Holding the spacebar press e, you can fly to the edge of the game screen careful there is little to mons who will be on your way round. Fortunately, they will not change their way for you, and they will not come to you to kill you. This is not so bad, since you can not under any circumstances kill. So hurry them at all costs. Before flying make sure you that there is no d mons on the vertical path of your flight.

Collect all the bombs chocolate are to open the door to the next level. This game requires dext laughed and control. You should keep in mind the position of all of mons and avoid, as flying down. It was perfected by playing this game often.

So do not h a website redo levels that you d ja filled. Avoid all mons of the level and collect all the bombs on your journey. Good game!

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