Flash game Perfect pitch

Perfect pitch an avoidance game on a football field

Directs your mole with agility and dodge obstacles! Looking for a fun game that can captivate your int est which you'll want to play for boredom. Come test Perfect Ptich free on our game page, and without the need for registration to play. You demand an entertaining game, it is a response r your questions. Moreover, the principle of game Perfect Ptich is simple, your goal is to break the surface covering the soccer field while avoiding any kind of obstacle.

As and as you progress, the obstacles increase, you should avoid other between a pair of scissors, a lawn mower a shovel and other tools. Thanks to fertilizer your smiley will go much faster and the sand against him slow your movements. You must ensure that a mole that would circle does not affect the ranking of your passage by e trac.

Your person is a yellow Smiley. In addition, you shall put of your Smiley from left to right has the keys fl ch es on your keyboard. More you advance in the game and you will earn points. You have got also a number of life s limit.

Then use them effectively and plays as long as possible. Come to this Blayer lawn football pitch of sand that covers it. Found on our Perfect Pitch showcase games in the games section of sports.

The total score you got macaws appears at the end of the game also hunting trouble with this game sport unusual and thou take of pleasure. Recommend it to your friends and family, they will no ECU. Do not h website and do as many other players in the world playing this game was well perceived by critics.

Enters the game and have fun though!

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