Flash game Reventure

Reventure action adventure game

Come to cover Reventure, a great game of action and adventure!

Plays a young knight named Rie land seeking revenge on a cruel tyrant. A horde of soldiers iron invaded your village and all inhabitants truisent one by one. They are armed with long swords and s are highly experienced in the art of fighting at. Pars reclaiming your land and kill all the soldiers in iron.

How to play a Reventure?

You are armed with a p e and shield. So pr adorn yourself in an unforgettable adventure in an area full of obstacles. To play it is simple you are dressed all in blue holding your weapon hand. Press the A button to attack with your pe D to prot ger with your shield.

Place for you to use the lat eral keys on your keyboard that will allow you to direct you to the left or to the right côt côt. High key skips. You possess only 5 lives and your level of health is represented by feeling the number of red hearts on top and left of your screen game Take your courage in both hands and fighting the attackers f rocement to save your kingdom . The game is not very chronom so do not you pr dashes, take all the time you need to come to the end of these soldiers iron.

Pure graphics s s or even draft punctuated by clear every two seconds, the trashy sound effects and music r ussia punctuate the game The bloody battle scenes and a good hard-span for an action game and cover ad battle solo or with friends! Go ahead, enters the battle and help Rieland in saving his kingdom. Maybe he will become the new king of Reventure.

Good luck knight!

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