Flash game Run With Death

Run With Death action game and agility

Come to cover Run With Death, great action game and agility!

You a genuine follower v action games? Then you'll love this great online flash game. Plays a killer s series hallucin completely in a world of drugs and violence. Run With Death (run with death) is an ad bloody action game cover absolutely on our portal online flash game.

The principles of the game are simple. You embodies a killer arm cannon standard and you must kill all the enemies that are on your way. Background of rock'n roll, shoot at anything that moves in this universe jant collection and a maximum of drugs to increase your faculty s: speed (symbol Lule g) to increase the rapidity of your shots, the h Roine (symbol syringe) to not feel pain, mushrooms (mushroom symbol) to hit you a hallucinogen tripe color Lucy in the Skywithdiamond and finally cocaine (powder symbol) to double your scores each time you down an enemy.

How to play Run With Death?

If you have a QWERTY keyboard (am Rican), use the WASD keys to move to. But if your keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard (french keyboard), I advise you to go with a QWERTY keyboard by pressing simultaneously ment SHIFT + ALT keys. If you are in this case, the control keys are then WASD.

Aim and shoot with the help of the mouse. Run With Death is a very fun game with a great soundtrack and sound effects (extract Queens Of The Stone Age fits perfectly to the atmosphere) and fluid effects, superb graphics (the LSD effect, bliss !). D tired quickly and part n 'savings anyone, even children. The universe is captivating quickly we find ourselves in a state of unusual zen. Good trip!

Have fun!

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