Flash game Save The Crown

Save The Crown agility and action game

D covers Save The Crown and r Cupere all the rings gold by defeating the dark cr atures!

For you fans of agility games, here is a very engaging and exciting game hyper. Save The Crown is a game in which you will have r cup rer all the gold rings while trying to escape the terrible black cr atures that appear after each ring gained. The game has a very simple design, allowing for anyone to spend moments of pleasure and of attempts. It just requires you to be agile and dexterous well deal with these beasts that pr feel before you.

You'll play as a poor man without defenses of that will have to face those nasty cr atures. Some benefits are available to you facing these terrible cr atures. The chance is that you are very cr atures was es and they can not walk in a straight line. It should not be a g ned for power play plan cr atures these unhealthy, it is just enough for you to be careful around them.

Graphics r sponds to the concept of the game and the r sound effects also lay the scenery of this game has breathtaking.

How to play Save The Crown?

To play with your character, just that you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to ordinateur.Le m mechanism of the game is very simple and very pleasant.

You see that the mechanism m r sponds to the logic of the concept of the game Go, do not lose more time and drove into this game that offers you moments agr ables. Very soon you'll see that you're going to easily attach to the game Play with friends or family and see which of you will be the best ment that the result was going to his mission. If you want, you can share your score and show your skills!

Good luck, good game and have fun though!

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