Flash game Save me 2

Save Me 2 game action and agility

Save Me 2 D covers and saves people and animals trapped in a burning building!

Are you clever and know you will be using your hands? Then you'll like this wonderful game, which could pose problem even more hardened agile players. Save Me is a super fun game of agility, incredible obstacle and joining pendence and absolutely not easy to play. There is still fire in buildings.

But this time things are much more complicated es. There are even animals that jump out the window! The principle is the same as for the first episode.

How to Play Save Me 2 has?

Played with the arrow keys left and right to save and put rescuers rescuers, press the top of your keyboard to activate the parachute mode, and your mission is always to save a ton of possible lives. Pr adorn yourself to live a fantastic adventure, which will require subtle concentration and address. Warning, you will want at all costs to save everyone, but there are pitfalls to avoid. You are not able to save the elephant or a lion, so you're warned. Thus, you can move the ball, repositioning the plate. Your goal in Trackball is to make a ball all the tortuous path of the plate, from one end to complete the level.

Once you're arrived to one end of the plate, you go to the next level with another plate of another form. So you can tilt the plate up, down or côt s. As in the first episode the graphics are very well r alis s and colors are well harmonized. This flash game is simply breathtaking, life an incredible adventure that thou shalt not forget.

Click on the game image for a portion of laugh. Good luck and have fun well firefighter!

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