Flash game Super Miner

Super Miner game of action and arcade

D covers Super Miner and take the controls of a truck equipped with a crane!

If you're a fan of great games and especially classic games, so it is with r el pleasure you will play at this great flash game brought to your disposal. The gameplay is simple and the playability is on the menu. Super Miner is a classic game of skill where he will need to collect as many gold p mites to earn money and become the most minor fortun on the planet. The game of runs as follows: you are operating a truck equipped with a crane and you control a child that looks like it is taking m has a very famous plumber in the world of TV games.

Your objective is simple, you have to catch the help of the crane maximum rocks, gold and diamonds diss min s in the basement. You have to do a real search for g because it is a geologist you to forage, rep rer the matter that you will LIE, either gold or diamond and then exploit it. Begin your search or you want. But the best for you is to search step by step, from one place to another because if you excavations way of e sordonn, you can find gold but not as much as if you had fouill order. So if you find the pre cious stone into a pr cis good location, it is possible that there are still some things to find, so do not be lazy and continues to search.

How to play a Super Miner?

The game is played with mouse only. Click the ground level to place the carriage from left to right. Click at the basement on the boulders, gold or diamond to be able to r cup rer.

More block, the larger the payout. Also collecting money bags that contain surprises. A game very fun and color of a cover!

Good game!

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