Flash game Super Soldier

Super Soldier

Super Soldier is an action game shooting the s mini series of four comic books. In which Captain Am rica d decides to leave the role of Captain Am rica has his former partner Bucky Barnes known as the codename of the Winter Soldier. In this game, you incarneras the role of a Pink soldier. You'll be equipped with an arsenal of weapons and enemies you will take flags blowing everything on your way. In this action game takes explosive, you belong to the arm e pink and you have an e ANTIR the arm orange. You'll be equipped with a gun but also tanks and many other vehicles v hyper sophisticated war s that you can drive.

With your gun shoots and kills enemies bunch up the last and give gifts a person will do no puisqu'eux you. Your objective in time a soldier is ir ob the other sup your laughing that you have sent a mission. You have to eliminate your enemies without taking bales return but also in possession of flags that you will find on the road. D instead of you a way not to get hit by enemy fire and take the bonus in the race.

Inflicts a large of your opponents has made r sists as long as possible in the hail of bullets. Use the directional arrows on your keyboard for you to place and shoot. Help yourself the A button to skip or exit a vehicle v, S to throw bombs, maintain the S key to aim and increase your pulling power. Use the D key to enter a vehicle v. Have fun in this world in this game or the danger is pr feels and succeed in staying alive until the end.

For you to show your performance in this game Good luck!

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