Flash game Tama-Bal

Tama-Bal a fighting game and innovative management

Train your Tama-Bal to make it stronger and to defeat all your enemies! Tama Ball is a role playing game where you have to give your room a Tama-Bal, do rest after his training and fighting. You choose the actions that must make you look and pending the result r. Tama-ball is a character that you have to train, to eat, so he could fight against the most powerful opponents each time. In this fighting game, you have your g rer adventurer, do evolve to become stronger and richer. To do this, you will have to fight against monsters and other players.

This will make you earn money and exp experience which enables you to become stronger. It's is a game in which you'll play the role of a manager. How to play a Tama-Bal? You have your Tama-Bal in the center of the screen and left you in the lat eral bar diff annuities information you'll need to know what action to take (. You then top diff ferent menus which will allow you to interact according to the needs of your Tama-Bal.

All played with the mouse by clicking on the menus. evolve Make a Tama-Bal, a little yellow smiley that does not need to rest. 5 character specifications are a to evolve to transform the Tama-Bal in Genuine fighter h roïque: Strength, dext laughs, the Vitalit, Magic and exp experience Click on the actions "training" at the top of the screen to train. Your Tama-Bal combat has the pe gun and magic. When your Tama-Bal is ready, throw yourself in battles against robots. Click on Fighting Robot at the top of the screen to face opponents in lightsaber combat, gun or magic.

A complete and very fun game with a very pure graphic realization r e and Geometrical.

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