Flash game Tank

The reference tank war game

War your passion? You would like to int e grate the arm? Tank games will put you in the bath.

Try to maneuver your blind in avoiding obstacles. Become a virtual military force, pilot a powerful tank and launch missiles at your enemies in this tank game. Control of military tanks of several tons. A trangere force invaded the city with its war machines.

You're calling the rescue. Help your nation fight these evil machines and save the city from terror. Hurry up, you have a day to kill them all.

Control your tank and military route hills and hilly meadows are in search of vehicles v enemies. enemy fire quickly and truis everything in your way, the goal is to win over the territory levels. Take yourself to a true giant sergeant protected your country and conducting crusades around the world. Accede a military high-tech weapons such as missiles and lasers nucleotide areas. Choose the right weapons, thy envelope Use Strategy and eliminates the enemy. D truis everything on your way and play your opponent to win the war.

Monte aboard your craft and part in the conquest of various environments. The goal is obviously to collect maximum points in on targets, or making trips which vary as and as you advance through the levels. D truis enemy tanks and guns to the final flag lib rer city of enemy invasion. Use the mouse to aim, click to shoot.

Use the dial or using the N and M keys to toggle between the left and the right gun barrel. For holders of a QWERTY keyboard, use WAD keys to steer your tank, W to jump, A and D to rotate. For owners of a QWERTY keyboard, it's advisable to go with a QWERTY keyboard by pressing simultaneously ment SHIFT + ALT keys.

If you are in this case, the control keys are then ZQD, Z to jump, Q and D to rotate.

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