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D fends your garden incessant attacks of insects!

ASPHALT critters are attacking the serve r water garden, but your arm e blossoms vastatrices ready and has to destroy on your instructions. S selects entire lines of bugs and sending them to your destructive troupe. Do not let the little beasts advance to fall into the water and serve r infect tar.

Earn points for the maximum of truisant insects and is very fast to slow their progression. Grab bonuses prot giant maximum r serve water. You love to run your brain with very fun flash games? So you'll no doubt this very appr cial int esting flash game has been your disposal. Tarnation is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion. Tarnation is faster to cover ad on our portal online flash game.

The principles of this game are very simple. In this game, you find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden. But chips are moving in the grass and threaten to destroy the garden. You have for sole objective to save plants from the garden and in the attack of these harmful bacterial ries. A set of r bending and rapidity very fun, color and original concept. In terms of controls, the game is played only with the mouse.

Seeds are aligned and ready es es on the left side of the screen game from this area, click and draw a rectangle s selection of top-left corner to the lower-right corner of the game screen to s lectionner red flowers. Automatically, then they attack the red virus. Do the same top-right corner to the lower-left corner of the game screen to s lectionner blue flowers.

Automatically, then they attack the blue virus. Faes the same bottom-left corner to the upper right of the game screen corner s lectionner yellow flowers. Automatically, then they attack the yellow virus.

Flowers viruses inflict damage indisputable, then after a while die. Do not let the chips are approximated water otherwise it will foul e and it will be a disaster. Tarnation is the game id al to pass the time and live like good times. If your passion is games r flexion, tired of waiting without a party and enjoy yourself well.

Good luck!

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