Flash game Test That Kill

Test That Kill a fighting game arcade

Martial arts always asking for more fitness and be all the time devoted to the art of which you should cid practice. There are practitioners who make this practice a weapon to be able rependre evil and harm others. But martial arts allow you especially prot ger you when you are attacked for you to crack.

For there against other fighters who often feel strong enough to leave the physical workouts. So this is why you are invited to participate in the game of Test That Kill. The Test That Kill principle is very simple, for some time the combatants take pleasure in other activities s, not wanting to physical exertion or even follow s ances intense workouts. They are so busy in other leisure s diff ent martial arts.

So they will now have to participate in a rough entraiment who initiate their technical deadly combat. You'll have to confront and eliminate all the horrible monsters that you will meet on your long journey. quickly make you empty the blood and cut with your sword statues standards to provide you with the energy to take during the fighting. Do not h r cup rer site or pick up objects that you see. The Test That Kill game is too intense and agr ble. Fighters can fight in doing extraordinary figures with the help of their sword to suppress their opponents, it's really cool g. Use A, S, D and W to move your character. The J key will allow you to strike a blow or pick up an object.

Your points and living standards appear at the top of your screen. Leads now find your form. If you get killed, click Play Again to start the game.

Good massacre!

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