Flash game The Arena

The Arena fighting game Gladiator

A young warrior named minibus has been captured and sold as a slave m singing lord who organizes gladiators. Thousands of spectators come from all control are to attend these deadly fighting. The award win is the freedom or death.

To earn his freedom, he must defeat his opponent wears a helmet with a bull's head in a duel without thank you. In this fighting game "the arena", you embody the role of the gladiator nicknamed the minibus. D shows your talent fierce fighter, won him his freedom by defeating your opponent. Warning it is very tough and will not let kill easily.

As a seasoned fighter, descends into the arena and your ticket to the eighth freedom. Your goal will be to beat r succeed your opponent to win the duel. To fight, use the arrow keys left and right.

This right allows you to attack your opponent and the left one is for you block his attacks. Calculates good times when you must give the saber and the times you must steer. Waiting for the opponent to attack guard down by linking the saber.

Monitors the life bars, yours is green and that of your opponent in red. Do not be surprised by the attacks of your opponent, occasionally it makes investments of COTS, do not leave it a minute r pit, you must run the duel and defeat. Observe the movement of your opponent anticipates his gestures, that you see moving his spear, pressing the left arrow to counter his attack.

Do not let yourself especially not kill, if you can not earn your freedom.

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