Flash game The Gunsmith

The Gunsmith

Vt ran a war must be a last mission. The mission is to find and eliminate a factory ill scabies weapons. Your job is to eliminate all enemies while being careful to mines and traps along the way. You're a fighter force sp cial, you just be skydiving on the combat zone infested e mines and fierce fighters. Your task is to land on the enemy territory and to destroy the enemy fighters, using the pistol and dynamite to explode. Shoot with the A button, jump with the S key to dynamite by pressing D and use the arrows on the keyboard for you to place in this hellish action game.

Be careful not to step on mines and other traps that litter your path, treading carefully calculating your every move. Use the machine gun and dynamite. You have to destroy the secret weapons factory, Use your courage and your weapons to fight the enemy.

Progressing slowly avoiding the mines pos es on the ground. D up yourself using the arrow keys on the keyboard. During your process you must pay attention to mines and dog droppings.

You ponds of the game with two dynamites and you should know how and when to use them to destroy the enemy. Collect the ammo as you meet on your way to strengthen your arms. Some enemies using rocket spears them quickly so as not to kill you.

If you walk on a mine or a dog turd, you explode and the game ends. Click on the "Play" button to play the laugh of the level of your ammunition is displayed in the top left of the screen, while your standard of living is visible on the top right of the screen.

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