Flash game Thing Thing 2

Thing Thing 2 the second episode of the famous action game 100% gore

As in the first version, Thing thing 2 is a very bloody action game filled with motions and actions of any kind. You will spend wonderful moments of distraction tent and AC company. In the game, you incarnate a sp cial agent and very good arm must complete a mission in the city. Its role is to prot ger city all highwaymen and put them out of state to harm.

Bloodiest yet, Thing2 thing is a real killer! In Thing2 thing you feel this represents bionic agent designed by a secret laboratory to prot ger city. You have to fight a battle with enemies in the streets of the city shots firearms very powerful.

R core of the secret agent then choose a game mode between Story Mode and Survival Mode. In Story mode our h ros will go through several levels each diff annuities difficulties filled his cross or firearms will be the masters of the place. Survival mode happens in a arena in which you will fight against multiple enemies and kill them to survive.

You will have the possibility to choose between 10 weapons of any kind for t 'equip. Use the mouse to aim and shoot your enemies, the WASD keys or directional arrows keys to move to. R achieves a double jump by pressing twice on the arrow at the top.

Use the F key to change weapon and the CTRL key to box your enemies. You will spend magical moments with Thing2 thing, music g nial will accompany during the game. The firearms and gicl are blood sound effects are impressive. The d cor is full of great graphics and animation, this is a real treat.

Have fun!

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