Flash game Thing Thing 3

Thing Thing 3 the third installment of the famous saga of trash action game

Here's a new episode of trash game Thing Thing! In Thing Thing 3, you are in the skin of a killer heavily arm to the head of your opponents has shot sulfateuse explode. Warning, this game is designed for lovers of trigger!

In this action game superbly designed and very bloody, you incarnate a bionic character, created from scratch by a secret scientific laboratory. In this parody you must face one arm e enemies in the streets of the city revolvers and submachine gun. This game is customizable according to your tastes and your convenience because you can choose your game mode between Story Mode and Survival Mode.

Story mode allows you to follow the fate of Thing Thing in diff rent levels where it'll have to be the fastest gainer ad to survive. Survival mode is a fight for survival in an arena against diff ferent types of enemies. An arsenal of over 10 weapons diff annuities are placed at your disposal in this wonderful game, each with its own characteristics character. The control mode is quite easy to use the mouse to aim and shoot all that move. Use the WASD keys or arrows keys to move to.

You ex cutez a double jump by pressing twice successively on the arrow High. The E key to change weapon while the SHIFT key to run. The music is matched with me pace of the game and keeps you in suspense and keeps the sound effects are amazing firearm r and realism about the gicl're blood is a sp cial effect that all his meaning in game gangster! Esting and a very exciting game int in a futuristic atmosphere worthy of a film Sylvester Stallone.

Have fun.

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