Flash game Thing Thing

Thing Thing the first part of trash action game

Thing thing is a very bloody action game filled with motion and action of any kind. You will spend wonderful moments of distraction tent and AC company. The action is the int laughing so bloody that you have the impression of living available. In the game, you play a very sp cial agent and good arm must complete a mission in the city. Its role is to prot ger city all highwaymen and put them out of state to harm. Thing thing is a game very well designed bloody actions in which you have to take control of the bionic has t be created from scratch by a secret laboratory.

You must carry a deadly battle without thank you against enemies mercilessly s in the streets of the city pistol and rifles last gn ration. You have the opportunity to give another aspect to your h ros by making him wear a hat and clothes. Will there be more weapons, all of last gn ration is a thee well magner and exterminate your enemies. You have to go through several levels while doing very careful not to take bullets for purpose. To aim and shoot your enemies using the mouse.

A little tip, if your keyboard is QWERTY type (that is to say french keyboard) it would be preferable f pr convert QWERTY keyboard (keyboard am Rican) by pressing simultaneously ing the SHIFT and ALT keys. Once converted the keyboard, use the WASD key for you to place. R to achieve a double jump, supports twice along the Z button The F button allows you to change weapon and the Space key allows you to open and close the door. The d cor is more explosive, anim by music that puts the suspense sound effects firearms and gicl are blood are striking and extraordinary.

Do your part and loose now!

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