Flash game Undead Assault

Undead Assault an adventure game against zombies

Here is a simple and fun game where between each level, you can buy am ments. All played with the mouse to bring the attacks, and with the space space bar to attack by jumping. In Undead Assault, you're a warrior who must kill as many enemies as it takes. A trangere force invaded the village with his war machines. You're calling the rescue.

Help your locality to combat these evil machines and saves the village of terror. Once the game starts, you'll find yourself in a dark and terrible forest holding a sharp pe. You're wearing a large coat. When you're of places, many skeletons lite will towards you with weapons and shields. They will attack you and will want to kill you.

You have to eliminate all. More enemies you kill, the more you earn gold. The won gold, will serve you to buy more powerful weapons in the store. You can also attack while flying directly to earn more score.

Try to kill all the skeletons out of the forest in the brightness of the moon. Good luck. This game is r alis, you can r Gler sound effects and music also.

By eliminating your enemies you earn exp experience. Have fun. A very simple game or between each level, you can buy new weapons, tonics.

All played with the mouse to bring the attacks, and the spacebar to attack while jumping. The goal is to kill everything that moves to earn points and money. Paladin Knight embodies the arm and faces skeletons and cr atures evil to save the innocent villagers in Undead Assault. Embodies Paladin, a knight in armor with a sword arm and wearing a red cape. Fight-against hordes of undead in an apocalyptic world. Kill your enemies to earn gold and exp experience and reach the best score.

At the end of each level you can visit Aria and buy new weapons shop.

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