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Incarnate of police coverage and gives a good song RACL e to m! 2043 Dr. Clayborne took control of New York thanks to his henchmen and the police quickly to edge e. Desperate Remedies large, Commissioner Gordon d decides to help three people to restore peace in the city. Claude, a former professor of karat responsible for the accidental death of a home.

Bubba, a double footballer excluded from fd ration for his violent behavior towards his fellow teammates. And Flame, a young woman submitting to its own laws since the death of her fiancé. Undercover Cops is the reference rf gaming Beat them all at the beginning you will have to choose which characters you want to embody. Any time the three protagonists have sequences foot / hand, a projection and an attack sp cial able to eliminate a large number of enemies at the cost of a small loss of energy. To enable you just have to press several times to the "X" button on your keyboard.

For you to put in diff rent levels, help yourself directional arrows. Your life will be displayed ros h e top left of the game screen and the total score for each enemy te. Complete level within the time limit not to be eliminated. Tips Game Undercover Cops! Undercover Cops is a variety of original weapons are available, the player can burrow of pillars and beams your b m METALLIC better crush his enemies, carcasses of car and motorcycle can also be used as projectiles are. During the game you will be amen to cross horns more or less apocalyptic s strewn garbage, carcasses are rusty, buildings saffect of s ...

Each level is an opportunity to battle hordes of enemies, Finally the boss will stand in your way before each level change.

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