Flash game War On Terrorism

War On Terrorism action game and shooting stunning

Come fight powerful enemies and lib rer hostages in War On Terrorism, a great action game and shooting!

Do you like games like Counter-Strike? This game should satisfy your expectations because it is one of the best times in the genre. This game follows to the letter the system game Counter-strike and there looks strangely. "War On Terrorism" is a shooting game very fun, which you might enjoy if you like shooting at moving targets. You embody a soldier going to war against terrorists on their own turf.

You can choose the type of game you want, and the kind of person you want to embody, but in all cases, there will be exchange of fire with terrorists. You're a soldier exp rhyme within striking moving targets. In this game you can choose weapons and diff diff ent Pension missions.

For weapons you have the choice between the M4A1 carbine, M9 pistol better known under the name of 9mm and 7.62mm M4GA1 more appropriate for snipers. On the top right part of the screen you can see your statistics, your health and your ammunition. Your score is also visible.

How to play a War On Terrorism?

Use the mouse to aim, once you have one of these cowardly terrorists in the line of fire, do a right click to pierce her skin with your weapon. Terrorists are also exp s rhyme that you make some feats you a breathtaking, then to load an entire box of ammunition on a terrorist too tm porary if necessary. Maximise your chances by targeting the head, if you explode their brains, it is sure that they will not recover.

When you have finished killing all the terrorists with a mission, you can choose another mission. EN everything you are entitled to these diff annuities tasks: the terrorists, the cellar, the capture of Bin Laden, who is also a very fun camp, or rescuing hostages. YOU have a choice, you can only entertain you by playing a "War On Terrorism".

D cleave all strata of soci t affected by terrorism, and structed the terrorist threat worldwide.

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